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This is the fifth chapter of the game Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective.

Synopsis Edit

In the superintendent's office, Lynne has escaped. The Typical Cop once again finds her notebook, in which a phone number is circled. The Green Detective calls it, and Officer Bailey responds, revealing Lynne has been calling the prison he works at daily. Sissel travels to the prison, and learns Prisoner C38 has requested to make a call through the telephone room. Lynne calls the prison asking to talk to someone, but is told the telephone room is already reserved. She asks Officer Bailey to not report her call, which he (after some persuasion by his partner) eventually agrees to. Sissel travels to the basement Lynne was calling from, only to find her dead - again. He possesses her corpse and goes 4MBD.

Back in time, Lynne hides from the superintendent, and enters the room he was in after he leaves. Upon turning on the light, a contraption is activated and kills her. Sissel manipulates the machine so that the trap is not triggered, saving Lynne. Lynne then asks him to find out about a certain prisoner's schedule, which he agrees to do.