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This is the ninth chapter of the game Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective.


Sissel helps Detective Jowd escape the prison, but he gets caught by Inspector Cabanela before he can leave it. Sissel asks Jowd about a few things: his identity (which Jowd knows, but refuses to disclose anything more than a "check out Lynne's music box" on account of "not knowing his true face"), Cabanela (who Jowd explains is determined to keep a spotless record), and the execution (which Jowd believes is fair in a way, as he had "stolen someone else's life" ten years before, shooting the person who had taken Lynne hostage).

Jowd asks for a last call, and dials the Justice Minister's office, where a frantic Lynne insists that "Everything's fine!" and hangs up. Jowd asks Sissel to help her out, receives a pocketwatch from Cabanela, and tells Sissel to not trust other people's memories. He then leaves, escorted by Cabanela, and Sissel takes the phone to the Minister's office.