Detective Rindge

Official Artwork

 Detective Rindge is a character in Ghost Trick. He is distinguished by his blue cap that covers his eyes,a brown trenchcoat, and a blue tie.


Detective Rindge first appeared when he was being called by Cabanela(after taking the phone from the Guardian of the Park).Later, He saw Lynne at "Point X" and wondered if he should call Cabanela when the phone rang. it was Memry, who saw a suspicious couple upstairs.She put a "ladybug" (a listening device) on them, and Rindge listened to them while he drove over in his van. Unfortunately, Beauty found out about the ladybug and burned it, knocking Rindge unconsious.He crashed into the Chicken Kitchen, which killed himself and Lynne(who was trying to save Memry.) When Sissel came to the Chicken Kitchen, he saw both Lynne and Rindge dead on the floor. After not being able to change Lynnes fate by her four minutes before death, Sissel went to 4 minutes before Rindges death and saved him, saving Lynne also.

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