The different ghosts have different powers.


Ghost: Possess objects

Trick: Manipulate objects

Trace: Trace calls (cannot use yourself)

Dial: Use the phone if lines are glowing red

Talk: Talk to living creatures

Rewind: Rewind time to 4 Minutes Before Death


Ghost: Possess objects

Swap: Swap 2 objects with the same shape

Talk: Talk to living creatures


Ghost: Possess objects

Trick: Manipulate objects

Manipulate: Control people

Power TableEdit

Power Table
Sissel Missile Yomiel
Ghost Yes Yes Yes
Trick Yes No Yes
Swap No Yes No
Manipulate No No Yes
Talk Yes Yes Maybe
Rewind Yes Yes No
Trace Yes No No
Dial Yes No Maybe


Blue: Object (possession core)

Orange: Living (talk core)

Purple: Dead (rewind core)

Note: On the iOS version, for some unknown reason, the Guardian of the Park's body is black in Ghost Mode, but it's core is still a rewind core.

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