The lower floor of the Junkyard



First Appearance

Chapter 1

Junkyard is a landfill of discarded junk and the starting place of Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective. Here is where Sissel died and meets with Ray, an odd ghost possessing a desk lamp that teaches him about the Ghost Tricks. It is a main Flagship Image of the game.

This place has 2 floors, the lower one is filled with junk piled on one another. The area has a telephone and a sewer tunnel nearby. The upper one is ground level land, and it also has a landfill of junk with cranes. It connects to an office where the Pigeon Man lives.

The Zone D Waste Center is where Nearsighted Jeego attempts to assassinate Lynne at 7:01 PM. Originally he is successful, but due to Sissel's crafty use of his Ghost Tricks, Jeego is killed, averting Lynne's fate. When Jeego does assassinate Lynne, he picks up the phone to report to Sith. When Lynne is saved, she will pick up the phone instead. This is how Sissel gain access to the antagonist's hideout at 7:27 PM.

As Lynne stays in the Junkyard to investigate Sissel's death, Tengo is ordered to go to the Junkyard and kill her. Sissel returns to the Junkyard to save Lynne again by killing Tengo.


Objects with a core that can be possessed by Sissel.

ObjectGhost Trick
? ? ???? / ----
Crossing GateRaise / Lower
Door ----
Traffic Sign ----
Traffic Cone ----
Folding CotUnfold / Fold
? ? ? ----
Mannequin ----
RefrigeratorOpen / Close
FanTurn On
BlenderTurn On
Ring / Shimmy
LadderExtend / Retract
Streetlight ----
Wrecking Ball ----

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