The special prison houses three inmates. They have something in common- each one was impossible. Yomiel planned to have Lynne put in, too, but he was stopped by Sissel. All the inmates were manipulated by Yomiel, except Jowd, whose crime was the fault of a manipulated Kamila, Jowd's daughter.

Person Crime Altered Fate Impossibility
Rock Jailbird Sang national secrets during his song broadcast In Temsik Park, playing music for birds and Lovey-Dove How did he know the secrets?
Curry-Loving Jailbird Broke into Metro Police Station and demanded rice and curry, burnt down Dept. claiming curry was too spicy In Chicken Kitchen, waiting for curried chicken How did he break in
Jowd Locked room murder, killed Alma, his wife At Lynne's house, eating dinner to celebrate Lynne's accomplishments in her detective division Locked room murder, and Jowd would never do that